YF-1: Fire Alarm Control Panel

YF-1: Fire Alarm Control Panel

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         YF-1 : Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Product Functions
  • - Two Stage Accumulation Function
    Circuit detection requires a period of accumulation time to reset the detector, and detection of the second stage of accumulation, thus reducing the chances of a false alarm caused by interference from ordinary circuits, and improving the dependability of the Central Control Unit.

    - Stand-by Battery Protection System
    During blackout, if the stand-by battery has discharged to below DC18V, it will automatically stop discharging, thus increasing battery life.

    - Quality Control
    The control panel switches and all of the base board components of this unit are all certified by CNS and CE. All units must pass stringent quality inspections before leaving the factory, ensuring that each will be performing as expected. 
    - User-friendly Design
    All circuit boards use a modular design; the external lines are also separated from the terminal circuit board, with protections implemented on the input end. If a faulty power supply is connected to the circuit board caused fault, only the affected circuit board needs to be exchanged without disconnecting the external lines, thus greatly improving maintenance and inspection efficiency.

    - Exterior Design:
    This unit's circuit display uses high-end heat-resistant plastic, making its stream-lined exterior poised and elegant. With the circuits accessorized with indication plates, it makes all information regarding the buildings, floors and circuit properties clear at a glance. 
    - Other Application:
    This Central Control can also be collocated into a 3-in-1 system with our Broadcast Host and Emergency Telephone Unit, creating a system that both looks and performs like a unity, and enhance the beauty of in-site use.

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