YFR-1 : Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

YFR-1 : Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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         YFR-1 : Addressable Fire Alarm Panel







Product Functions
  • English LCD screen (240×128 or 240 characters)
  • LCD backlight energy-saving protection function
  • Two-wire Circuits for supper long transmission distance (up to 2km between the control panel and modules)
  • The data memory device can store 2000 historical data records permanently. (The device in graphic systems can be expandable up to 20 million records)
  • Composed sound alarm function (broadcast in human voice to annunciate with  
  • operators)
  • Sound guidance function (while operating)
  • Abnormal temperature protection function (I/O modules overloading)
  • SLCs, IDCs are equipped with insulation false inspection function
  • Protection against lightening surge
  • I/O modules miswiring protection equipments are available
  • I/O modules are equipped with isolated segment function
  • A table to review all I/O modules’ statuses is available for easier operation
  • Addresses and interlocks can be checked in a table in the LCD screen
  • Weekly automatic test function
  • Repeat alarm function
  • Two-stage fire alarm delay function
  • Standby battery with saving electricity function

YFR-1 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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